Aditpotide uses and benefits

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Aditpotide, also known as FTPP, is an experimental weight loss peptidomimetic with the amino acid sequence CKGGRAKDC-GG-D(KLAKLAK)2, which has been developed by researchers in the United States in an effort to fight obesity. Peptidomimetics are small protein-like chains designed to mimic a peptide. The peptide called Adipotide has been developed by U.S. researchers in the fight against obesity. This experimental treatment has reduced by 11% the weight of the treated monkeys by reducing fatty tissue, the BMI, and waist circumference.


Aditpotide side effects

Aditopotide has the ability to diminish blood vessels in soft tissue that feed fat cells under laboratory conditions with few if any side effects such as redness or itching at site of injection and some minor dehydration which should be accounted for during trial. There are no known health risks associated with DSIP injections, especially when compared to traditional hormone-based metabolic, strengthening and fertility treatments when compared side by side in animal studies.


Aditpotide dosage

During Trials, based on optimum conditions, the determined the optimal subcutaneous dose of adipotide (0.43 mg/kg) daily for up to twenty-eight days.

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25 October 2021