AOD 9604 uses and benefits

AOD 9604 uses and benefits
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This peptide is found to be of great benefit when building lean muscle whilst burning fat. AOD9604 has shown tremendous effectiveness in anti-lipogenic activity, and also in stimulating lipolytic (also known as fat burning). AOD9604 has the ability to break down fat and also prevent the transformation of fatty food into stores of body fat) in animals. An additional key benefit of AOD 9604 is a perceived none increase in hunger or cortisol during trial. AOD9604 forms the C-terminus of the Human Growth Hormone by the addition of a Tyrosine at the N-terminal end.


AOD 9604 side effects

There are very few to no side effects reported and there are no known health risks associated with AOD 9604 injections, especially when compared to traditional hormone-based weight loss treatments when compared side by side in animal studies.


AOD-9604 dosage

In lab testing reports the optimal dose in animals of AOD-9604 is 0.25ml twice per day, subcutaneously, usually thirty minutes to an hour before feed. Optimal fat shed was observed when administered over a course of twenty days.

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20 September 2021