BPC 157 uses and benefits

BPC 157 uses and benefits
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It is made from a protective, healing protein found in the stomach. Several rodent studies have been conducted using BPC-157 and they show that it has protective effects which extend beyond the stomach and intestines. BPC-157 has shown to benefit ulcers in the stomach, damage done to the intestines, the speed at which bones and joints heal and organs also accelerated speeds of healing when it comes to organ damage. BPC-157 has also shown to have some benefits to the brain in this research such as anxiety reduction and pain management. The main benefit observed in the rodent research was that BPC-157 seemed to repair cells in joints which will require further studies.


BPC 157 side Effects

BPC 157 has reported minimal to no side effects in lab trials, some effects may include redness or itching at site of injection and some minor fatigue. There are no known health risks associated with BPC 157 injections, especially when compared to traditional hormone-based weight loss treatments when compared side by side in animal studies.


BPC 157 dosage

The majority of the research suggests a daily dose in the range between 1-10 mcg per kilogram of body weight to be most effective in rat studies in the lab. BPC157 is to be administered before feed, on an empty stomach, every day for six to twelve weeks.

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27 September 2021