BAC Water (Bacteriostatic Water) 10ml

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Bac Water, also known as Bacteriostatic Water, a meticulously crafted sterile, non-pyrogenic water preparation. Specially designed for injection purposes, it serves as the ideal solution for diluting substances, chemicals, and medications prior to administration into the body.

Enriched with 9mg/mL of benzyl alcohol, equivalent to 9% benzyl alcohol, this premium product incorporates a preservative element, ensuring long-lasting stability. With a shelf life of up to 28 days after opening, Bac Water allows for repeated withdrawals from its 10ml vial, facilitating efficient utilization while adhering to the recommended time frame.

The key distinction between Bac Water and traditional sterile water lies in its reusability and storage capability. Unlike single-dose vials that necessitate disposal after use, Bac Water can be safely stored and subsequently employed for multiple applications.

Experience the superior quality and precision of Bac Water for your research endeavors, and be assured of consistent results in your scientific pursuits.

This product is specifically intended for research purposes only. It is not to be used for human consumption and must not be ingested under any circumstances. Furthermore, it is solely intended for research and laboratory use and should never be utilized for injection.

To ensure proper handling and application, Bac Water must be managed exclusively by licensed and qualified professionals who comprehend the product's intended use. It is crucial to refrain from misbranding, misusing, or mislabeling this product as a drug, food, or cosmetic, as it does not belong to any of these categories.

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